The Stockman Collection from Tony Lama

Tony Lama CT2023

Men's New 11 Inch Leather Stockman CT2023

Leather Sole      Handcrafted in the USA Made in USA Wavy Flag


Men's New 11 Inch Leather Stockman

 These Stockman boots look good and wear tough.

T Toe   ---    TLX-2 Heel

Aztec Shrunken Shoulder Foot      British Tan Vegas Top

Cushion Comfort Package Insole

3/4 Welt Super Oil Leather Outsole

Single Row Welt Stitch

Sizes:           B 9 - 12, 13 (Narrow)

            D 6 - 12, 13, 14

         EE  7 - 12, 13

Tony Lama CT2023  - $234.95

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