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J 12 Medium Round ToeJ-12Medium RoundJ 17 Round ToeJ-17 Round  J 125 Wide Square ToeJ-125 Wide Square Toe   

Toe Styles

J1 --  Handmade Pointed

J2  --  Narrow Round  (Square Outsole)

J4  --  Narrow Round

J5  --  Medium Square  (Men's Only)

J6  --  Medium Round  (Ladies' Only)

J7  --  Men's Toe  (French II)

J7  --  Ladies Toe  (Narrow Round w/Square Outsoles)

J12  --  Medium Round  (Men's Only)

J15  --  Wide Round  (Ladies' Only)

J16  --  Packer  (Men's Only)

J19  --  Low-Profile Medium Round

J96  --  Low Profile Broad Round

J125  --  Wide Square Toe

Toe and Heel Styles from Justin Boots

Justin Heel Profiles

            Heel Styles         -- A unit heel is a molded one piece sole and heel --

B  --  Roper / Lacer

H  --  Long Base Cowboy (Leather)

I  --  Long Base Riding

M  --  Long Base Riding (Leather)

P  --  Long Base Walking (Polyethylene)

Q  --  Block

W  --  Long Base Packer

T  --  Long Base Block Heel

         A unit heel is a molded one piece sole and heel


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