Snakeproof and  Steel Toe  Chippewa 23908 Snake Boot   Imperfects 

Imperfect    Chippewa 23908  Snake Boot  Imperfect

Guaranteed Snakebite Protection

Cordura Nylon Upper-

Men's 17" Bay Apache Pull On Chippewa 23908

Not Insulated      ==  Steel Toe==


Men's 17" Bay Apache Pull On Chippewa 23908   

"Handcrafted in USA"

Steel Toe ASTM Approved

Maple Cow in Shaft / Gunstock in Foot Lining

Texon(R)  Flexwelt(R) Insole

Chippewa UMC(R) Orthotic

Goodyear Leather Welt Construction

Chippewa 23908  Imperfect  --  Price $190.00    Free Shipping

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