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LaCrosse has pioneered such innovations as interchangeable liners for pac boots, double and triple insulation, Ankle-Fit and air-grip outsoles - all industry standards today. In over 100 years we've never stopped striving for superior quality. Here are some of the technologies we use that make our boots tougher, lighter, more comfortable and fit better than the rest.

INTRODUCING ALPHA BOOTS. ULTRA-LIGHT. SCENT-FREE. WATERPROOF. Alpha boots combine the best features of rubber and neoprene in a patent-pending construction that's 1/3 lighter, fits better and is more comfortable than any rubber boots you've ever worn before. It's a whole new experience in scent-free comfort and mobility.

Quad Comfort
Our unique four-layer system provides the perfect balance of comfort and support. For the first time, work boots have continuous layers of cushioning from the footbed through to the outsole. Most work boots provide plenty of cushioning above and below the insole board, but Quad Comfort boots have Quad Core, which provides cushioning IN the insole board. Quad Core, the first of its kind, is at the center of Quad Comfort Technology. It's a special advancement in boot construction because zones of the hard insole board are cut out in the heel and forefoot and replaced with cushioned shock pads for maximum pressure relief. And, Quad Core won't compromise support. It maintains the lateral stability and torque you need for firm footing on any work surface. Unparalleled support with every step. No hard board between your feet and the floor. Relentless stability. And, relief from the ground up.

Precision Fit Technology
Precision Fit Technology™ combines the warmth and waterproofness of a traditional pac boot with the sleek, contoured fit and comfort of a leather boot. And, because it's built on a last, the fit is more precise making PFT™ boots the first pac boots available in half sizes and widths.

Nobody out there but you, your dog and in a few minutes - a bazillion ducks. Grey, quiet, wet and cold days like these are what Brush-Tuff™ ATS™ waders are all about. Because if you can't stay all day, you might as well stay inside.

Brush-Tuff™ waders are the toughest, most durable waders around. Their exclusive abrasion-resistant Brush-Tuff™ facing provides maximum protection for busting through the brush, breaking ice, or climbing in and out of blinds and duck boats. The seams are double-cemented, high-pressure welded, stitched and then reinforced with Brush-Tuff™ tape, making them more secure than seams sealed with tape alone. They're hard wearing so you can get out earlier, go deeper and stay longer.


In 1963 hunting changed forever with the introduction of Ankle-Fit rubber boots. It was an innovative design that was achieved by narrowing the ankle area in the boots during construction, which helped grip across the top of the ankle and lock the heel in place. This ankle-gripping feature keeps tall, heavy-duty, rubber boots from pulling loose in mud and prevents rubbing and chafing. The new design helped hunters stay out in the woods longer because they were less likely to fatigue as easily and were no longer prone to blisters or chafing.

You can still find Ankle-Fit in all of our Burly® boots today.

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