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Gore-Tex - The breathable Gore-Tex(R) booties consist of a patented membrane with tiny pores that keep water molecules out while letting air vapor escape from around the foot. Making them waterproof with the Gore-Tex(R) Guaranteed to Keep You Dry(TM) promise.

Gore-Tex XCR- Danner proudly employs the latest in Gore-Tex waterproofing technology. Gore -Tex XCR makes boots exceedingly comfortable, because it breathes 25% better.

Expert Series- Boots bearing the Expert Series insignia are recognized as the purest expression of the Danner ideal. They are the best of their category, and worth every penny.

 Made in USA with Global Parts - Built with pride in Portland, Oregon.   A number of boots shown are made in our Portland , Oregon factory. The practices of our local manufacturing team set the standard for every Danner boot.

 Stitchdown Construction - The leather upper and the outsole are stitched together for good fit and the soles can be replaced when necessary.

 CAMOHIDE - The camo look that won't scuff off.  The camo pattern is dyed clean through the leather, so colors won't scrape or scuff off.

 MOSSY OAK-  This outstanding brand of camouflage began with the simple idea of being invisible to game. Today, the various Mossy Oak patterns reflect the latest science behind camo.

 REALTREE-Realtree hides it all. Realtree has steadily grown to become one of the strongest brands in the hunting industry. The company's goal is to continue producing the most successful patterns possible.

Mountain Chassis (tm)-We took the automotive concept of unibody construction and successfully applied it to trail boots. The upper, midsole, shank and outsole move as a single unit resulting in the sort of rigidity that provides fatigue-reducing support, sure-footed stability and instinctive agility.

PRO-TEC NMT-The Danner Pro-Tec Non Metallic Toe. A lightweight composite cap that dissipates impact energy to protect your toes while meeting ANSI Z41-PT99 M I/75 C/75  EH specifications. Far less susceptible to hot and cold than standard steel toes. All Danner NMT styles meet Electrical Hazard (EH) certification.

Electrical Hazard - Reduces electrical hazards resulting from contact between the sole and electrically-energized parts or surfaces. All Danner Boots & Shoes with safety features are laboratory  tested to meet the high safety standards set by OSHA.

Static Dissipative (SD) - Static Dissipative footwear is constructed of materials that when in contact with properly grounded floor surfaces, will safely discharge any static build up through the shoe to the floor. Our SD Type One footwear meets or exceeds ANSI standards.

 Terra Force (tm) - More boot with less weight. It combines internal and external shanks, polyurethane cushioning and a midsole plate that reduces fatigue. Lateral medial stability comes from the external nylon shank and four outsole options for maximum traction.

Terra Force X or TFX - Take the good performance characteristics of Terra Force and add extra style. In addition to an aggressive X-frame outsole and external supports flaring up the sides, there's remarkable heel-to-toe energy transfer. The traction is inspiring. The weight is less than you would expect.  The profile is sleek, clean and low.

Steel Toe - Protects the toe area against falling objects or heavy rolling objects with steel protective cap. Danner Boots & Shoes are laboratory tested to meet OSHA's high safety standards.


Danner Boots & Shoes are laboratory tested to meet the high safety standards set by OSHA and meet all ANSI standards set by OSHA.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Now:  ASTM Rated    sets the standards for protective footwear. There are two basic requirements all safety footwear must meet: Impact and compression. There are three classification of each according to test results. 1/75, 1/50 and 1/30 are designations for test results done with a 50 pound weight dropped from a set height. C/75, C/50 and C/30 are designations of tests done compressing the safety toes at 2,500 pounds (C/75), 1,750 pounds (C/50) and 1,000 pounds (C/30). The toe must have a minimum clearance inside the toe area of the shoe of 16/32" for men's footwear and 15/32" for women's footwear after the tests are completed.

Thinsulate(R) - Select Danner Boots & Shoes come equipped with Thinsulate(R) Insulation to keep out the cold. To acquire this certification, Thinsulate(R) Insulation must be used throughout the boot - including the toe, vamp, heel and all the way over the ankle. It is miracle insulation, the best on the market today.

Vibram(R) - The name Vibram is a Registered Trademark. The Vibram(R) outsole is a deep, aggressive lug outsole with a proven record of dependability in rugged terrain. Lug soles have hard rubber cleats with sharp outside edges for digging in or wedging into hard surfaces such as rocks, dry dirt, or clay.


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