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After a century of building boots, we know what it takes to make them stand the test of time. We know what you need because we're out there in the elements testing them. Whether it's to make the boots more comfortable, waterproof, durable or warm these features are meant to help you perform - in the woods, the blind, at work or in the cold.

Insulation[Go to LaCrosse Footwear]
LaCrosse uses a variety of insulations in our boots and waders. Decades ago we pioneered interchangeable liners, double and triple insulation and you'll still find these in our product line today. In addition to these standards we also use Thinsulate™ Insulation and a combination of other synthetic materials.

Double insulation was introduced by LaCrosse in 1981 as a way to increase the warmth of cold weather pac boots. Double insulation includes a removable felt liner and insulation in the rubber shell consisting of foam and a wool felt midsole.

Triple insulation uses the technology from double insulation and adds Thinsulate™ to the rubber boot shell. Triple insulation provides superior warmth not available before.


Thinsulate™ insulation is important in boots because it's thin, light and warm. It allows us to keep our boots less bulky and light-weight. It's breathable, moisture-resistant and stays warm even when wet. Thinsulate™™ Insulation is made up of thousands of tiny microfibers that trap miniscule pockets of insulating air space that provide the ultimate in cold weather protection.

You will notice through out our product information that we say Thinsulate™ Insulation and Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation. Thinsulate™ Insulation denotes boots that contain less than 400-Gram, while Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation is for all levels above 400-Gram.

The LaCrosse product line uses a variety of Thinsulate™ Insulation levels from 200-Gram to 1300-Gram. How do you know which level is right for you? Everyone's body temperature reacts differently to the elements, but as a general rule, the more active you are, the less insulation you will need. 200-Gram, the lowest level we use, is best for cold conditions where you will be very active like working or hiking. 400-Gram is best for moderate activity levels. 600- to 800-Gram is best for very cold conditions when the activity level is low. You should have boots with 900- to 1300-Gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation for those times when you are stationary.

The LaCrosse temperature rating system is a general guide for cold weather protection. Range levels are based on activity level from stationary to high. The more activity the more protection in colder temperature ranges. Other variables affect protection, including circulation in the feet, presence of moisture, body temperature, wind chill and outerwear quality.

+20° to 0° Provides basic cold-weather insulation and protection for general winter activities.

0° to -20° Provides medium cold-weather insulation and basic protection for winter recreation activities.

-25° to -40° Represents heavily insulated boots for harsher cold weather conditions where activity level is varied and temperatures dip below freezing.

-45° to -80° Represents heavily insulated boots for extreme cold weather where activity level is minimal and temperatures are well below freezing.

-85° to -150° Our warmest boot with multiple levels of insulation and heat-retaining materials for stationary activities and extreme conditions.

Waterproof [back to top]
GORE-TEX® works just like your skin. It allows moisture to escape, but doesn't let water in. Its wafer-thin membrane is made up of billions of tiny pores that allow the extremely small molecules of water vapor (perspiration) to escape. At the same time, the pores are too small for liquid water to penetrate. The result? Your feet stay warm, dry and comfortable.
Hyper-dri® from LaCrosse is a barrier that lines the entire boot for 100% waterproof protection. In addition to keeping water out, Hyper-dri® absorbs moisture and transfers it away from your feet, keeping you comfortable and dry.

Camo [back to top]
ADVANTAGE® MAX-4™ HD - The pattern incorporates cattails, corn stalks, dead sunflowers, leaves, limbs, plus a variety of other plant life. It melts into marshes, grasslands, deserts, broomsage, croplands ... even the open canopy of a treetop. It's ideal for deer, turkey, waterfowl and western big game.

REALTREE® HARDWOODS™ HD - Its 13 natural colors, life-like shadows, and photo-realistic limbs and leaves blend with a wide variety of hunting habitats. Realtree Hardwoods also has extreme contrast from light to dark. This creates maximum visual disruption for animals, whether they can see color or not.

REALTREE® HARDWOODS™ HD GREEN - Realtree Hardwoods Green offers all the elements of the forest – tree trunks, large and small limbs, a variety of leaf types and colors, large open areas, and extreme contrast from light to dark. Its Hardwoods pattern and green leaves blend with a wide variety of habitats. It has obvious application from early fall through mid-winter, then again in late spring.

ADVANTAGE® TIMBER™ - Life-like color reproduction, unmatched definition, exceptional contrast and improved three dimensional effects. The pattern also offers more leaf colors, ensuring versatility across a wide range of habitats. All of these combine to create a uniquely realistic and effective camouflage pattern.

MOSSY OAK® NEW BREAK-UP™ - There are three key elements distinguishing NEW Break-Up from the original: Extremely life-like images of leaves, bark and limbs, added ghost shadows for a more three-dimensional quality and a completely new background of textured bark.

MOSSY OAK® BREAK-UP™ - An innovative layering of perfectly shaped branches, leaves and limbs over a distinctive series of bold, dark shadows delivers an incredibly effective all-distance, all-terrain pattern for woodland and bottomland hunting.

MOSSY OAK® SHADOW™ SHADOW GRASS - A highly detailed reproduction of grass blades and naturally occurring shadows that delivers total concealment at any distance and is ideal for waterfowl hunting in marshy areas, hunting dove in open cornfields and big game in the open sage.

Premium Rubber [back to top]

Our premium rubber formula is a careful balance of rubber and clay with advanced protectants to extend the life of the boot. We always use the maximum amount of raw rubber possible, 51%, to maintain the integrity of the rubber for compound performance, flexibility and durability.

Since UV rays and the ozone are the most damaging elements to rubber, our compound includes protectants to minimize UV damage and color fading; counteract the brittleness and cracking effects of the ozone; add tensile strength; and increase tear-resistance.

We’ve spent the past 100 years perfecting the manufacturing, engineering, and chemistry of rubber boot making. We’ve perfected the formula and won’t compromise on quality. In short, your LaCrosse premium rubber boots will last for years versus another rubber boot that will only last months.

Back Gusset & Cam-Loc Buckle [back to top]
We designed a Back Gusset & Cam-Loc Buckle to accommodate bulky clothing or larger calves. The Back Gusset gives extra room in the calf area and the Cam-Loc Buckle is adjustable to get a more precise fit. Today the Burly® Classic and Grange® boots still have the side gusset, but all new Burly®'s, including the AlphaBurly® Sport have the Back Gusset & Cam-Loc Buckle.

Construction Methods [back to top]

Boots made with cement construction are lighter weight and have a narrower profile for a sleeker looking boot. The construction takes the boot upper and cements it to the midsole/outsole with a special, long lasting bonding glue. This method is used throughout the LaCrosse product line, for example the Trailblazer HD is built using cement construction.

Leather boots made with welt construction are extremely durable and can be re-soled. The construction process includes stretching the leather over a last where a welt strip is sewn to the upper. The midsole is then sewn onto the welt plate and the outsole is cemented onto the midsole. This construction is used in a moderate amount of the LaCrosse product line, for example the Gamemaster™ II is built using a welt construction. Boots with a welt construction can be re-soled a your local cobbler.

The slush mold construction process is used for boots made of PVC or polyurethane compounds. The liquid material is poured into a boot shaped mold, and heated from the outside causing the material to coagulate against the sides of the mold. The excess material is poured out to be used again and the remaining hardened shell of the boot is removed and trimmed. Packers and Pack-Lites use this construction method.

The injection mold process involves forcing a PVC compound into a mold with extreme high pressure and heat. The pressure forces the material throughout the mold and the heat causes the material to set. Injection molded boots can be found throughout the LaCrosse PVC product line, like the Buffalo.

Safety Toe [back to top]
All LaCrosse safety toe boots have been tested and meet or exceed all ANSI and EH rated requirements.

Steel toes have long been the standard in the industry because of their strength, low profile and ease of manufacturing.

Tuff-Cap™ is LaCrosse's non-metallic composite toe cap that gives you the protection of steel without the weight.
  • Weighs 60% less than conventional steel toe caps
  • Dissipates energy from impact and retains original shape
  • Corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Non-conductive: Will not transmit heat or cold
  • Will not activate metal detectors
  • Non-magnetic and static free

Fabrics & Linings [back to top]

Rugged, durable boots made with Cordura® are made to last. Cordura® is a high performance fabric resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs. Cordura® offers extreme toughness and maximum protection while reducing the weight and improving the breathability of your boots.

LaCrosse uses Cordura® on many of our hunting and work boots for it' lightweight toughness.

Cambrelle® draws moisture away from the foot keeping your feet cooler, drier and more comfortable. Cambrelle® is made of a mesh of bi-component fibers, that allows the lining to conform to the constant motions of the foot to prevent chafing while also providing high levels of abrasion resistance.

Cambrelle® can be found in many LaCrosse pac, work and hunting boots.

AgION™ antimicrobial compound limits odor-causing bacterial growth and reduces human odor, a must for scent-proofing boots.

Many LaCrosse waders and Alpha boots use a fleece lining for moisture management and added warmth. Fleece is naturally moisture wicking, which helps to keep feet dry and comfortable.

Snake Proof [back to top]

Live Pit Vipers were used to test LaCrosse snake-proof boots in two rounds of testing. LaCrosse snake-proof boots utilize a lining of Snake-Guard material that stops even the sharpest fangs from penetrating the boot.

In the first test, a latex balloon was inflated inside the boot, and snakes were provoked into striking it repeatedly. The test is simple: if the balloon pops, the snake-proof lining material failed the test. After more than ten strikes, the material never failed.

In the second test, the same boots are subjected to bites from hand-held snakes. The technique approximates the more vicious and dangerous close-contact snake bites as opposed to the quick bites of a striking snake. Even with significant pressure of a hand-held bite, the material did not fail.

LaCrosse snake-proof boots are tested by independent labs in the United States.

Shanks [back to top]
A shank is a part of a boots construction that provides arch support, protection and stability. LaCrosse uses three different kinds of shanks in our boot construction.

The long time standard in support and stability. Steel is hard-wearing and durable.

A lighter weight option than steel, but still provides the same benefits.

Extremely light weight and flexible. TPU can be molded to provide arch support.

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