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Bates Best Military and Uniform Boots Shipped to You Directly from the Manufacturer - Bates is a leading manufacturer of boots and shoes worn by military and law enforcement/security personnel around the world. - Bates Boots Shoes Non-Metallic Tactical Assault Law Enforcement Bates Uniform Oxford E02233 EMS Side-Zip Sport Durashock Enforcer Defender Ultra-Lite Lace-to-Toe SWAT Counter Terrorism Security Personnel -- Click on Picture for Larger View   **  Free Shipping    Back to Boots99 

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Tactical Sport 5inch

Bates 2262

5" Leather/Nylon Tactical Sport Boot

 $115.95    Free Shipping




Men's Waterproof Leather and Ballistic Nylon 2266

Bates 2266

Men's GX-4 Gore-Tex

  $129.95    Free Shipping



Non-Metallic Security Friendly 2268

Bates 2268

Men's GX-8 Gore-Tex - Security Friendly

 $149.95     Free Shipping




Composite Safety Toe 2263

Bates 2263

8" Safety Toe / Tactical Sport Boot - Side Zip

 $133.95     Free Shipping




Bates Durashock 3135

Bates 3135

8" Durashock Lace-to-Toe - Gore-Tex Waterproof

$169.95     Free Shipping



Paratrooper Eleven Inch 2184

Bates 2184

 Bates Paratrooper Eleven Inch

$149.95     Free Shipping


Tactical Sport 2261

Bates 2261

8" Leather/Nylon Tactical Sport Side Zip Boot

 $109.95     Free Shipping



Bates 3140

8" Durashock Lace to Toe - Side Zip 

$134.95    Free Shipping


 US Navy  1621 Safety Toe

Bates 1621

Men's US Navy Durashocks Steel Toe

 $227.95    Free Shipping



Bates Shock FX / Coyote 7013

Bates 7013

Men's Shock FX / Coyote 7013


 $134.95  (Free Shipping)


Ultra Lites Xtreme Sole Desert 2276

Bates 2276

Men's GX-8 Desert - Composite Toe

 $139.95     Free Shipping

Bates Oxfords:

Bates Black Leather Oxford 968

Bates 00968

Men's Black Oxford

 $129.95     Free Shipping

Bates Lite Brown Oxford 82

Bates Oxford 00082

Men's Brown Leather Oxford 

 $149.95     Free Shipping

Bates Black Oxford 941

Bates 00941

Men's Black High Gloss Oxford Hypalon Sole

 $119.95   Free Shipping


Bates 00007

Men's Black High Gloss Oxford- Leather Soles

 $139.95     Free Shipping


Bates Black Durashocks Oxford 00111

Bates 00111

Men's Black High Gloss Oxford- Durashocks Sole

 $129.95    Free Shipping


Bates Black Leather Durashocks Uniform Oxford 00112

Bates 00112

Men's Black Uniform Oxford- Durashocks Sole  *Sizes C, D, E, EEE

 $144.95    Free Shipping

Men's Bates White Leather Oxford

Bates Oxford 00131

Men's White Leather Oxford 

 $149.95     Free Shipping




Men's Bates Black Leather Oxford 932

Bates Oxford 00932

Men's Black Oxford   *Sizes C, D, E, EEE

 $144.95    Free Shipping




Bates Women's Boots Too:


Bates 1766  

Women's Steel Toe

6" Leather Uniform Boot

  $179.95     Free Shipping




Women's 2762

Bates 2762   Women's

5" Leather/Nylon Tactical Sport Boot


   Free Shipping


Women's Black Uniform Oxford with Durashocks Outsole 00752

Lady Bates 00752

Women's Leather Uniform Oxford

 $144.95   Free Shipping

Women's Brown Oxford 00782

Lady Bates 00782

Women's Brown Oxford

$149.95     Free Shipping


Lady Bates Black Uniform Oxford 00742

Lady Bates 00742

Women's High Gloss Oxford

 $129.95     Free Shipping


Bates Woman's USMC Lace-Up E57501

Bates E57501

  Women's USMC Lightweight Durashocks® Boot

 $204.95     Free Shipping




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    Bates® is recognized by those seeking serious tactical footwear around the world for its commitment to comfort, quality and performance. At Bates, building the finest products for men and women in uniform is our top priority. Because of superior technology, Bates is a leading manufacturer of boots and shoes worn by military and law enforcement/security personnel around the world.

Bates footwear can be found in military exchanges for all branches of the U.S. Military, specialty commercial uniform shops, department stores and sporting goods stores like Outdoor Country.

When you slide into your first pair of Bates footwear and feel the cushioned stability, you will know why SWAT teams, law enforcement and our military rely on Bates Shoes and Boots.             Home